First thing I impose myself to do in the morning is literally to wide open my eyes on the outside world. And research. This could be done in several ways.

After having had breakfast of course. I am not really a dynamic morning person so sometimes I do have difficulty in focusing before my second cup of very strong coffee. But throughout the years I’ve discovered a special trick I made mine: as long as I do not have to, I do not pretend to fulfill complex issues before 10 pm. I’d rather go for intuitive and slow process problems such as research, surfing the web for inspiration and world news, planning, answering mails or messages. I love to do my “creative” investigation, and probably that’s the reason why I went for this blog.

The daily question is: what would we be without (possibly well focused) inspiration?

What if we were just sticking to our own point of view, without considering what others have done already before us and without learning from their own experiences and visions? How could the world possibly get a wiser understanding of the whole picture?

Ok, I am getting too deep here, so getting back to earth… this project is about making a collage titled “Wake up, research, get influenced. Repeat. ”, to create a layout to describe what really daily inspires and influences us and where is it that we get our most interesting data from.

My advice is to try and look at this as a personal exercise. Fill your sketch book with inspiring stuff that influences your days and at the end of the week create a collage with that bunch of all sort of things collected. Go for any design approach (analog, digital, photographic, whatsoever). 

Having in mind what said above, fill your sketch book, box or pockets with inspiring stuff that influence your days and at the end of the week create a collage with that bunch of things collected.
The final collage should end up being a single piece any format (postcard, poster, painting, banner…).

SUBMIT your artwork to info@hueandeye.org in a PDF format and at 72 dpi!

Have fun!