As mentioned on the article #3 (EXPLORE THE REASON WHY CREATIVE SKILLS COULD BE REALLY HELPFUL), this projects points to the importance of keeping your objectives and skills IN GREAT SHAPE.
Imagine to give a speech to a younger you. How would you illustrate your aims and goals achieved so far?

One of the tricks I personally find helpful is to simulate an inner speech, something as lecture, to a younger you. Pretend to be who you are, nothing more, nothing less. Is not as easy as it seems, believe me. Instead of trying to explain this to someone else just illustrate it to the your inner self. You may find yourself more aware of many hidden elements about your creative path!

Create a layout (a poster, a booklet, a collage or anything that concerns an infographic concept), about your professional path, which could and probably will have also to include personal life experiences.

You may go for your own design or choose a template as inspiration or to begin. Try this helpful link https://venngage.com/templates/.

It could be very therapeutic to use this method as a way to effectively see where you were and where you are now. In the good and in the bad luck, is always about healing the marriage between you and yourself.