Above me today there’s a mixture of state grey and spots of random pale turquoise sky palette. This combination of shades makes me feel a bit warmer compared to a british pattern, indeed.

I am Italian, a pure 100% one, although at this point I’ll say a 90-92% as a good 8-10% went spreading out considered all the years I’ve spent abroad. This as far as I can go with math. I prefer visual language.

In fact, the only thing I’m aware of is that above me there have been several sky shades so far.

I’ve always felt the difference of getting out my doorstep and having a light, or pale, or opaque, or yellowish (and on and on…) color on top of me. It does influence my whole daily perspective.

Mostly, this is what generally you will listen to when approaching an Italian living any where up north: first thing he will mention, both to break ice with strangers as well as a welcoming notice between old friends, it will be about all the bright feelings he misses out, as the simple look of a fair sunny day, and all of those warm patterns that don’t belong to the north. And all this after having listed all his family’s best homemade recipes of course. But I’m not here to sell a hilarious image of my compatriots.

Going back to sky palettes, while living in London I remember getting easily in the habit of that pale grey, smokey white sheet I constantly found above me outside. It just happened without me realizing it. When back in Italy I felt different in my approaches to things, even if intimately I was sort of missing out those pale and smokey brit colors. Bizarre statement to hear from an Italian, is it?!

It was just London. I was missing London with all of it’s gloominess, smells and lacks of sunshine. That’s how it works. You will always get attached to some small detail that will stick inside you forever.

Colors have this power.

That’s why I thought of the Sky Palette Project: a table of colors and patterns we need to watch at, to remember some old good memory about past things we loved (or simply memories that have depicted something important).

Mostly people have it with smells or sounds, specially with music.

But to me you may also get deep with another sense, the visual one.

I have been thinking of making something wearable, as there’s nothing better as something to wear as a metaphore of a mood.


Select a subject you personally feel or felt as an important memory and visualize the predominant colors and hues about it. (ex: the color of the sky, smells of places, skin colors of people around…) and create some layouts about it that may easily get onto a series of 2-4 shirts.

Download the zip file, you will find in the dedicated folder at the bottom of the page, with both eps or jpg files of the shirt template to fill with your artwork.

Send then your finish artwork to in a PDF format and at 72 dpi, but do not forget to save another 300dpi (for print) version, in any case!

I will feature your artwork on HUE&EYE’s The Gallery section and on all our social networks!

Have fun!