To introduce the practice of catching (your) colors, I though of a particular product. While going through my daily research, I bumped into a design object named CUBE – THE COLOUR CATCHER (

As a designer, have you ever felt the frustration of not being able to reproduce that exact hue you were looking for? It’s a note, a specific rhythm without whom all the lyrics won’t fit well.

Well, this CUBE could be helpful for an exact reproduction of the external vision.

Although creativity is not all about catching exactly WHAT you see, rather to reproduce it your own personal way. So I’ll say it’s mainly about HOW you see things around you.

Catching your personal view of the outside world has to be well balanced with your personal view of your inner world. This is to me a (quick) sum of the creative vision.

Go for your own palette. It doesn’t have to match perfectly with the one you face, it rather has to be a coherent and courageous personal interpretation of what you are looking for in order to express your personal vision.

This might seem an implied skill for professional designers, though to me is an elaborate detail that makes your vision unique, which implies strength and courage to enlighten your artwork.

I am just assuming that each one of us has a personal vision that needs to be safeguarded from the rational and tangible world out there. Isn’t this the reason why we are all unique?


Accomplish the brief WAKE UP. RESEARCH. GET INFLUENCED. REPEAT. COLLAGE as an helpful exercise to experiment and analyze your personal creative search.