Edinburgh based artist Mairi Timoney has been making both solo and groups exhibitions since her graduation in painting at the Edinburgh College of Art. She has shown work in The Whitechapel Gallery in London, The National Gallery of Modern Art and The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, just to mention some. She also studied at L’École Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, France, and was awarded the Edinburgh University Barnton Bequest Award, The Artspace to Let Award as well as featured as an emerging artist to invest in on Saatchi Art.

Mairi Timoney
@ Mairi Timoney / Form
Mairi Timoney
@ Mairi Timoney / Pivot
Mairi Timoney
@ Mairi Timoney / Later
Mairi Timoney
@ Mairi Timoney / Shrubhill House
Mairi Timoney
@ Mairi Timoney / Dimensions

This said Mairi’s daily interest is to create engaging compositions pieced together with all the materials she collects, especially by juxtaposing a variety of media to best show the beauty of surface, space pattern, and color. Her style is narrative, she talks of places she finds interesting, unfamiliar surroundings and landscapes, quiet architectures and lifestyles of people they catch her eye.

Her approach may be defined as of a collage-painter, whilst still using pencils, scissors, glue sticks and photographs of her own. She is more of a mixed-media artist, although the art world, including Saatchi Art which she is represented by, places her in the painter’s section.

@ Mairi Timoney / Drifting
@ Mairi Timoney / Whim
@ Mairi Timoney / Passing Through
@ Mairi Timoney / Roam
@ Mairi Timoney / Night Fall

Mairi also sells most of her artworks, which can be found on her personal website. If interested you may find out more here.