Every designer would agree do define its job as a tool to enhance humanity, so here we are talking about the designer’s ability to interpret the millions of messages around us in our everyday life, specifically undertaking illustration with everyday objects.

Designers never stop dealing with their job, in fact you may recognize them by the way they look at things, continuously. A designer is a fool, as it’s whom created a real full time job out of its visions.

Everything around us has several ways of being perceived, hence you are the one that decides what to turn that object, environment or emotion into.

One of my first jobs as a graduate has been to assist an italian designer working as a freelancer for a famous italian advertising agency. His main job was about creating their signature annual calendar. This calendar had a special feature: it was all made of mockups of objects, and these objects had to recreate a real scene. Every year there was a specific topic to stick to: objects in your pockets, objects found in a bathroom and so on… so you were just allowed to use those kind of found items.
It was a great and complex aim to create 12 different outstanding messages out of those limited items, indeed!
The result was always amazingly interesting.

You may check their works here.

As a natural observer, that was indeed a terrific exercise for me as a junior designer. It taught me to enhance my instincts on creating visual messages, and to go on until the final layout is clear enough.
I truly suggest to everyone out there willing to undertake this specialty to try out this activity: reinterpret the world around you, twist the reality by giving it another point of view as this is exactly what it means “to look out of the box”.
You will never seem to fool for people around you, as you ill always have the excuse of being a designer!illustrating with objects