Since a little girl I always knew I would not undertake my parents professional path. They’re both entrepreneurs, in the fields of healthcare and real estates. They are both great workers and their common sense always taught me the importance of a balanced decision making approach. The ethic of loving your job and being serious about it. They gave me the chance to choose my own career with no obligations or comparisons. For this, since my early age I could easily notice my creative approach to things rather than a practical or a managerial one.

So I started moving all over the world to gain my BA and MFA, to improve my skills and experiences and to build up my creative skills.

As a deep (and often complex-minded) thinker though, it wasn’t always that smooth.

My main harassments were: How will I ever be able to give the world my contribution? How may a creative approach to things be helpful to people? Is my research a waste of time? And so on.

I kept looking at my parent’s job as a real responsible way to keep things together. I also used to compared my skills to friends into law that were talking about political and environmental issues. So I kept thinking that my choice was considered as an hobby, not worth getting it seriously. What a frustration! I still feel the consequences of that negative thinking. It made me feel useless and it wasn’t indeed a good push to my self-esteem.

I then started to think outside my own box, and realized that the one that was underrating myself, was myself upon everybody.

That was the issue. I started to realize that the main people I had always looked at were designers, artists, poets, writers, painters and so on. And for sure, my opinion of their activity was highly human, deep, smart, and above all I considered it a fundamental contribution to a healthy life.

This was a kick start to reconsider my talent. I started reading books about creative thinking and following young and emerging talents. I will link them into HUE&EYE, and thank them for the great inspiration and indirect support – and realized that “the EARTH without ART is just EH”.

Making art is an act of courage and self consciousness. This is nowadays one of my deepest mantras.

Another topic is that while years passed by, I noticed something I was quite surprised to accept. People that undertook their path by struggling to understand themselves went much deeper in their journeys than the ones that assumed to know what they wanted from the beginning. People who went slower could put under discussion what they really wanted.

To shorten up a long issue, who seemed to be confused and overwhelmed at the beginning reached self consciousness and strength later on in a mature stage. This is usually what is considered to be a creative approach: observe, put the pieces together, open your mind and consider many routes, listen to yourself, then interpret your answer and follow yourself. This process seems slower, but believe me… it’s the most effective and long lasting one.

I harshly doubt about my professional choice, comparing with people which I considered smarter than me just because had different approaches. In truth, I was just discussing other possibilities or points of views. But when I realized where my language and personality belonged to, it was then that I understood that my individual contribution to the present is a valuable tribute itself.

Don’t worry how long it will take to arrive. Be only sure to point at the right direction.