I find in the Kandinsky’s quote “COLOR IS A POWER WHICH DIRECTLY INFLUENCES THE SOUL” an interesting starting point.

First of all I’d like to introduce the leitmotiv of this blog: I felt the craving of storing in one place all of that curiosity that we all go across continuously and sometimes forget about, as I believe is curiosity the first step to a creative mindset.

So let’s start to define an opening topic worth this intention.

Coming back to what Kandinsky said, I’m increasingly discovering how one of the major issues we all have to face at once is how to encourage, interpret and engage our real intentions and talents.

It’s something far away from the issue of making life plans just for the sake or duty of having some, as that in a long-term will bore our soul.

It’s just about finding our own palette. The match in which we feel clear in. These matches are dynamic, because this is what colors are made of initially: light. Nothing is more dynamic that light. A color is light above all and light is a never ending force, as well as we are.

To me this is what we all will always need: colorful actions to better interpret our lives.

Let’s start getting influenced by the power of colors so.

You may find the brief PATTERNS! THE SKY PALETTE PROJECT useful as a tool to create patterns and layouts about your memories or elements of the past, present and future, to discover how color is a power that directly influences the soul.