There is something highly emotional and intriguing in staring at a collage composition layout.
Not only the viewer is compelled to find a hidden message, he also has to partecipate to an artist’s silent manifesto. The artist uses collage to engage with a peculiar point of view using any tool he likes, no boundries allowed.

The real strength is then in the composition, that is the way he assembles all the pieces together. And this is where design connects with art.
Collage is empowered to speak artistically to the viewer through a visual language that is typical of a design approach.
While staring at a collage layout you may bump into typography and letter fonts, painted figures, sticked objects, newspaper cut outs, glued items and so on. All this could also be translated onto a digital final piece, so to give a three dimensional feeling to the artwork. There are also creatives that straightly use a digital approach by reproducing digitally the diverse feelings given by all the elements. The result is mostly stunning, quite unexpected and very strong, as if all of those pieces were suffering before they finally encountered onto that final layout. They are finally happy on there, balanced and in tune with one another.
The outstanding importance of a collage exercise is to understand and experiment how various elements can interact between one another.

To me it’s also a social and quite psychological practice. It’s like when you get in a room for the first time. You start by analyzing all the people in it. First thing you will be asking it will be something basic about them, like where do you come from, and then you will start to stick with the ones you like the most trying to find the best way to interact and possibly create some networking. Isn’t this a collage process?

The process could be frustrating, but the final result will definitely be healing and quite wonderful.