Even if you don’t know Christoph Niemann by name, you’ve probably seen his work. The graphic designer and illustrator’s work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Newsweek and the New York Times Magazine.

He went through illustrating political and social covers to publishing children’s books (That’s How).
But what I want to focus on here is his Sunday Sketches. There is something in the title he chose that to me is just simply perfect. It makes me think of that moment in which your mind is connected to your eyes in a childish and positive way so that that distorting your view of what you have in front of you becomes just a fun activity! Nothing else to think of, no complexity needed.
He assembles objects and stories with a coherent yet instinctive vision. And he called it Sunday Sketches as this should be a sunday activity, something every designer should be up to when not stressed out by deadlines and office work.

He also depicts his negative visions of course. In his book Sunday Sketching you may read about his creative path and process, his fears and achievements, ups and downs that every human being goes through.
The way he explains all this is light yet very personal.
This is the power of illustration: to consider every aspect of human complexity and try to fit it all in one image.
This is why I really like his work. He does all this without adding weight but rather he tries to summarize the topic into something direct and simple.

Check his work here and have fun.