Literally every single designer has always thought of a personal dedicated font, as your chosen font is your chosen language.
Although to me digital typography should not be replacde with the art of calligraphy, as it’s just a different hemisphere, it has a reproducibility which is far more easy and useful.

Have you ever wondered how could the old days calligraphers held such a manual skill of their own and reproduce a variety of prints with a fairly fast pace? It’s such a fascinating thing then to look at! I’d spend hours watching at videos of these masters. Practically no one is able to do so nowadays, but there are still some amazing talented artists in this field. Best to mention is with any doubt Seb Lester, whom not only has an incredibile free hand on paper, but has also a talent in stunning digital typography. Check him out. Seriously do so, but don’t get frustrated on trying to imitating him.
This other amazing talented designer from Ogilvy – NY does a really amazing job as well. His name is Justin Au and this is his 36 Days Typo Project.

Ever tried to create your own? Follow the next upcoming brief to get some further skills and challenge your own capabilities at this awsome design topic!

seb_lester_your font_hue&eye
Sev Lester

justin_au_your font_hue&eye
Justin Au