Albanian visual designer Vasjen Katro loves challenges, as the astonishing one he undertook for two years in a row. We are talking of the exquisite aim to design a layout for each 365 days of the year, and the result is all in the stunning project named after Baugasm. He produced since now a total of 730 pieces. All of them are posted daily on his Instagram account, a true visual delight. You won’t be able to stop scrolling, you’re warned!


Kastro is also the co-founder of Fabric Creative – a creative digital studio building tech startups and helping others grow – with his colleagues Jolin Matraku (Tirana, Albania) and Ennio Dybeli (Barcelona, Spain).


He then has another account on wich he holds some design tutorials, as well as design resources and where you may also buy his prints. Check out this link! 


Baugasm, Year #2, second month -Vasjen Katro
@Baugasm, Year #2, second month – @Vasjen Katro